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RIGRID consortium agreement has been signed

Four institutions from Poland and Germany have signed an agreement on cooperation in RIGRID project. The consortium consists of Europejski Instytut Miedzi (EIM) from Wrocław, Warsaw University of Technology (WUT-IEPE), Electrum and Fraunhofer Institute from Magdeburg in Germany – a main coordinator of the project. One of the project assumptions is knowledge transfer between countries (Poland and Germany) and between institutions (industrial and research) what has influenced the consortium composition.

The main coordinator of the project is Fraunhofer Institute, a partner with the richest experience in smart grid projects implementation. On the Polish site, Electrum is responsible for management. Below a short descriptions of all of the participants is given. This project has received funding in the framework of the joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus, with support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Fraunhofer IFF is the project leader responsible for the overall project management and development and for local demonstration center in Germany. IFF will coordinate transfer of knowledge, technology and adaptation issues between both countries.

Electrum is responsible for regional non-urban demonstration center in Poland in terms of researching the local market and executing the implementation in the field infrastructure with coordination of regional partner participation.

Warsaw University of Technology (WUT-IEPE) is a partner to carry out the scientific analysis of electrical power grid structures and configurations and verification of proper functioning of protection schemes of RES supported by laboratory tests.

Europejski Instytut Miedzi (EIM) has great competences in developing appropriate tools and organizing actions to popularize, promote and increase social awareness of sustainable RES infrastructure among wide audience.

Apart from the consortium, in the project involved are:

Harz-Regenerativ-Druiberg (HRD) will bring experience and knowledge of model nonurban region with integrated RES based infrastructures together with planning and operation functions, intensives and active participation of inhabitants.

Regenerativ Kraftwerke Harz (RKWH) as an industrial partner will enable access and demonstration of RES infrastructures in the rural area of Dardesheim.

Municipality of Punsk (Poland) and town of Dardesheim (Germany) as associated partners will provide experience and access to infrastructure in chosen rural regions as well as planned implementations electrical power systems.

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