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ERA-Net SG+ 3rd Project Event

The ERA-Net SG+ annual event took place on 7-9 June 2017 in Bucharest. The representatives of EU, funding agencies, ERA-Net SG+ call management, support team and 31 projects met together for the 3rd time.

The project event provided a broad spectrum of insights on ERA-Net SG+. It starts with the kick-off for the 2nd ERA-Net SG+ call projects. For the 1st call projects including RIGRID the individual feedback on the transnational project reporting of 2016 with practical and content-related advice was provided. Furthermore, the communication coaching as well as introduction of using and working with Expera – the Knowledge Sharing platform of ERA-Net SG+ were carried out. During the Working Group Meeting the experience and knowledge between experts in the field of Smart Grids were clustered and shared in 5 thematic groups.

Moreover, the announcement of the 3rd ERA-Net SG+ call, its aims, eligibility criteria and time schedule were provided.

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